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Wildlife Preserve

Creating a refuge for wildlife and beneficial insects is an important and rewarding activity for any gardener.  Aside from giving garden residents a warm and safe place to call home, inviting birds, bats, ladybugs, bees, and lacewings to stay will improve the overall health of your landscape by controlling unwanted pests that may show up to snack on your flowers and veggies. 

Your gardener probably already has a birdhouse or two, but there’s no such thing as having too many.  With a few birdhouses, your gardener can start an entire community of feathered friends by hanging them from a large tree, embedding them into hedges and shrubs, arranging and attaching them to a tall fence or wall, or attaching them to stakes or hanging them from shepherds hooks in the flower beds.  Not only will the yard be filled with the sights and sounds of wonderful birds, but featuring a variety of birdhouse designs and colors will give the garden a quirky and whimsical style. 



We have an awesome collection of high quality birdhouses that will satisfy the style of any gardener.  Our Heartwood birdhouse collection features houses made from rot-resistant cypress wood, durable copper and PVC, and stunning mahogany.  The hanging Wren-in-the-Wind and Fruit Coops birdhouses are hand-crafted and feature simple and sweet designs with shingled roofs.  Both are available in a variety of colors, so you can pick the one that best matches his or her garden.  The Summer Home birdhouse pack includes five multicolored houses that can be placed around the garden or together to create a focal point.  Our Beehive and Acorn birdhouses from Evergreen Farms are carved from solid pine, and make the perfect home for songbirds like finches, nuthatches, and wrens.  Brand new this year, we have highly-detailed and hand-painted door knob birdhouses from Red Carpet Studios, a wonderful gift idea for the gardener that appreciates the unusual.  These hanging houses come in a white weathered fleur de lis design or in a beautiful patina color.  Each features a crystal knob and a dangling skeleton key wind catcher.







Birds aren’t the only animals that need a place to call home—providing shelter for bats is an excellent way to control insect populations in the garden.  Although bats may seem creepy, your gardener will surely appreciate his or her bats’ voracious appetite for pesky mosquitoes.  Our selection of bat houses includes models that can rest a couple dozen to a few hundred bats at a time!  The Schrodt Bat Bungalow is a small bat house that can fit up to 20 bats.  It features an etched bat design on the front, easy-grip chambers on the inside, and is made of recycled redwood.  For something a little bigger, the Bat Haven Bat House is large enough to shelter up to 48 bats at once.  It has a corrugated galvanized roof, bottom landing pad, and two mesh-covered living spaces.  If your gardener already has a lot of bat activity or is looking to expand a pre-existing bat house, the Stovall Wood Nursery Bat House is practically a palace, providing shelter for as many as 400 bats!  With a population like that, your gardener’s next outdoor event is sure to be itching and scratching free.






An insect home would make a wonderful and unexpected gift, and chances may be good that your gardener doesn’t already have one.  Putting up an insect house will coax everything from butterflies to bees to ladybugs to come into the garden.  As with bats, these beneficial insects will help to control pest populations, and, in the case of bees and butterflies, will increase the population of pollinators living in the space—and that’s a huge benefit.  The Schrodt Mason Bee Lodge is just the thing for inviting the MVPs of the pollination game into the yard, and our bumble bee house will provide a safe home for big fuzzy bumbles.  Our ladybug loft and wooden ladybug house will help your gardener combat those nasty aphids that can chew fruits and vegetables to nothing, and the Audobon Wooden Butterfly House, made of natural cedar, will encourage everyone’s favorite garden resident to stop and stay a while.  Of course, there is the Insect Hotel, a big apartment with adequate shelter for many different beneficial insects, including mason bees, ladybugs, and lacewings, so your gardener can use one house to attract loads of garden helpers.