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Watering Conservation Tips


  1. WATERINGWater lawns and plants during the cooler hours of the morning to prevent water evaporation and use less water.

  2. Position sprinklers to water only lawn or landscape areas and not the house or pavement to prevent water waste.

  3. Install and use an automatic timer.

  4. For car washing, use a bucket of soapy water and hose with a shut-off nozzle.

  5. When landscaping a home or business, plant trees, shrubs, and flowers that need minimum water for growth.

  6. Add mulch around plants/flowers to lessen evaporation and support growth.

  7. Instead of using a hose and nozzle for patio/deck cleaning, use a broom.

  8. Use a rain gauge to help determine when and how much water to apply to your lawn.

  9. Avoid shallow and frequent watering of plants to prevent frequent dry soil and a damaged root system.

  10. Educate yourself about any water restrictions or conservation issues in the area in which you live.