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Top 5 Gifts for the Gardening Guru


December is here and with it comes the final countdown to Christmas. This generally fills me with minor panic thinking of all the decorating, cooking and shopping that must be completed in 24 short days. If you are anything like me, I hope I can help with giving you a series of ideas and tips to make your holiday prep go a little smoother. Each week we will feature a different task and give you the ideas to make it happen. This week to start everything off is our list of the Top 5 gifts for the gardening guru in your life.

  1. Vertex Garden Rocker Stool

Avid gardeners spend a lot of time bending, kneeling, squatting and hunching over garden beds tending to their prized plants. Give your gardener a little back relief with the ergonomically designed Vertex Garden Rocker Stool. Features a comfortable saddle seat and curved base that allows this stool to rock back and forth, side to side giving gardeners extra reach when planting or weeding deep beds. As featured in Woman’s Day magazine, March 2010.

  1. Juliana 4 Tier Growing Rack

Know a gardener who just can’t bear the season to end? Extend their season year round with the Juliana 4 Tier Growing Rack. Constructed of a steel frame, and removable UV coasted plastic cover this grow rack is perfect for deck or patio. Also, features removable shelves to accommodate plants of any height.

  1. Signature Garden Tools

Have a gardener that is tough on tools? Our MasterGardening Signature Garden Tools are built to last and come with a lifetime warranty! Featuring a sturdy, hand-crafted solid Red Oak handle and alloy stainless steel head. With proper care these beautifully crafted tools will be passed down for generations.


  1. Garden Center Potting Table

If you are looking for a bit of a splurge item, look no further than the Garden center Potting Table. This great cedar table is multi functional, not only is it a potting bench but also a garden bed! One side of the table is perfect for potting up your favorite flowers in clay pots while the other side allows you to plant directly in the table for growing your favorite vegetables. Perfect for those with back problems or small spaces.

  1. Audubon Going Green Tube Feeder

Bird Feeders make great gifts for the garden lover letting them enjoy a bit of the outdoors in the depths of winter. This eco-friendly bird feeder is made from 90% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable! In addition it naturally helps prevent the growth of mold and bacteria, making it easier to keep your feeder clean for our feathered friends.

What gift ideas do you recommend for the avid gardener??