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These Boots Are Handmade for Gardening


by Teresa Odle

It’s rainy season and gardeners, farmers, ranchers and homeowners with all sorts of projects have to get out in the mud and muck to finish up summer and fall projects. I don’t know about you, but wet feet are among my pet peeves. Le Chameau Country Lady Wellington Boots kept my feet dry on a recent rainy day.


Try our new handmade garden boots

I think the handmade La Chameau boots may have kept my feet dry if I had wandered out into a moving stream to do a little fly fishing. In fact, I tried testing the seal on these nearly knee-high rubber boots to see just how waterproof they were. I turned on my garden hose and ran water around the outside of the boots, even above the knee. When I removed the boots several minutes later, my legs and feet were dry inside. That’s partly because of the 100 percent natural rubber outer, but also because of the boots’ 16.5 inch length. But what really worked was how well they sealed; I had to pull the lower part out and then pull them down to break the natural seal when it was time to take the boots off. They’re that good at sealing to the skin. You can tell that La Chameau boots are made of natural rubber; the company says it’s harvested from Heva trees.

These boots are worth the price of their handmade quality, with one caveat: be sure the pair you buy

Classic tartan lining and olive green color

Classic tartan lining and olive green color

fits. One reason the calf seal works so well is that it’s not adjustable like Hunter and other brands, so you need to be sure it fits your leg. The other reason the seal works so well is that it’s edged and reinforced.

I think what I liked best, however, is that I never felt like I was wearing clunky boots. The olive green color and tartan printed jersey interior make these boots stylish enough to run out for errands in the middle of a project. And no need to worry about slipping on wet pavement in the cross design rubber sole!