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The History of Mastergardening.com


Mastergardening got its start when the internet was beginning to take hold as a valid area of commerce. Specially formed as a mail order gardening company, in the early 90′s, Mastergardening put out a small catalog for gardeners who were already customers of our sister company Deerbusters. Once the internet was in full swing Mastergardening shed the expensive catalog printing business and opened a gardening ecommerce store front back in 1995. Mastergardening offered high quality products that would last a lifetime. This strategy has allowed Mastergardening to offer thousands of products from all over the World! Those products include European tools, environmentally friendly products, and effective solutions for plant health. Each year our team of buyers’ travel all over the world in search of new and unique products that differentiate Mastergardening from other gardening ecommerce venues.