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Reader Question: Gnats on my African Violets.


Kim H. recently asked us a question that we thought we would share with all our readers.

QUESTION: “I have gnats, I never had them till I potted 2 new African Violets this fall, and it was from a brand new bag of Miracle grow potting soil. Making me nuts!”

ANSWER: African Violets are prone to Fungus Gnats, which is what we think you are describing. Fungus Gnats don’t usually harm the plant but instead live in the soil. First check to make sure your African Violet is not in too large of a pot. AV’s like squat pots with their roots being a little cramped. Try a 2 inch pot for a 4 inch AV. Too large a pot will allow the soil to stay wet longer which is a breeding ground for gnats. Fungus Gnats love moist soil so try letting your soil dry out between watering to reduce the gnat population. To get rid of the gnats that you already have try placing a sticky strip such as our Window Fly Trap  near the pot. You can also try this old trick of placing slices of cut potato directly on the soil of the plant, just make sure that they do not touch the leaves of the African Violet. After about a week you should be gnat free!

Thanks for the question Kim; we hope this information has been helpful.
If you have a trick or a method for getting rid of gnats from your household plants, please share them with us by commenting below.