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 Potting Benches Potting Benches 

In the enthusiasm to start a garden there are often a few matters overlooked in the planning stages. Once the area for the garden is decided, and you know the plants you want to start out there are still a few things to consider. Space to work on plants and potting either before or after they are transferred to the garden will be a necessity. Selecting a spot for potting benches can safe time and effort. Potting benches can be viewed as the workbench for gardeners and having a sturdy, roomy, dependable place to work with the plants is important.

Potting benches are not only a key factor in having a good-looking garden, this tool of the gardener also increases the enjoyment of gardening since it reduces small tasks and makes organization easier. It is possible to buy potting benches or construct one yourself depending on the amount of time and materials available to you. This type of organization and work tool can also add to the appearance of a patio or gardening area depending on the type of selecting. It's possible that quests seeing this type of bench will assume it is merely decorative never realizing the utility it actually provides.

Some gardeners use potting benches as a setting place for potting plants. This is especially true of the lower benches or those that have only one level. These are not only an attractive addition to a lawn or garden. When used for this purpose potting benches can be used to ensure specific plants get a certain amount of sun. Used in this manner many also found that plants or flowers being transitioned in a pot are less likely to be knocked or blown over during this critical time when the roots are likely to be sensitive.

Potting benches that are waist high or taller can also be used for a variety of purpose. This can be a great place to work with the plants that are being re-potted or planted. For many using potting benches for these purposes allows them to work in a better environment for both the plant and the gardener rather than in a busy kitchen or stuffy garage. Even when selecting one with this purpose in mind it is possible to find those that are sturdy, but attractive at such stores as Master Gardening. A good example for this purpose is a tall cedar bench with a deep lower tray, drawers, and an upper shelf, which will give you plenty of room to work.

Another good use of potting benches is for organizing pots. Sitting on the bench they look like decorations for a garden, but these pots are actually standing at the ready waiting for the gardener. Those potting bencheswith drawers or multiple shelves can also hide your gardening tools for when you need them. Some potting benches are easy to move, and can be relocated to various areas such a patio, back porch, or even on standing right next to the garden itself.

Raised Beds

The subject of drainage for a garden can even for seasoned gardeners appear complex, or costly. In fact, there are many ways to ensure adequate drainage without overspending.