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  • Orcon Live Earthworms

Orcon Live Earthworms

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Natural nutrition for the soil! Orcon Live Earthworms contain red wrigglers that keep the soil loose. They work just by eating the soil and casting it back with added nutrient percentage. They offer five times more of nitrogen, seven times more of phosphates, 11 times more potash, 1.5 times more calcium, 3 times more magnesium, and 40% additional humus. Red wrigglers allows easier root growth and enhances water retention. Also, they speed up decomposition processes in cold composting. For even better results, you could include organic materials along with the worms to feed them. You may use grass clippings, table scraps, coffee grounds, moist corn meal, or other organic material.

For garden areas: First dig 6 inch diameter, 1 foot deep holes that are several feet apart throughout the garden. Fill it with water and then let it drain. Put one or two handfuls of worms in each hole, filling loosely with compost and soil (table scraps, cuttings, etc). This will provide a fast meal to worms. Then water the area and apply mulch around and over the holes if possible. Keep watering the area. For Tree and Shrub Treatment: Dig many 6 inch diameter, 1 foot deep holes around the drop line of the branches of the tree. Follow directions above. For use in compost piles: At the bottom of 4 inches of loose soil, place the worms in. Keep it as damp as more decaying organic material gets added. All products are shipped on either Tuesday or Wednesday due to the handling of LIVE products.

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