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New Expanded Garden Bulbs Lines For Fall


redshineallium-purplesensationirsi.jpgJust in time for fall planting MasterGardening.com, a leader in gardening supplies and decor, announced this week the release of their newly expanded line of garden bulbs. Available for only a limited time, order the highest quality flower bulbs for the garden delivered straight to your door now through November.

Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs! Bulbs are a quick, simple way for guaranteed blooms come spring. Simply dig a small hole, drop in the bulb, cover and you are on your way to beautiful flowers in a riot of colors. Most bulbs when properly planted will come back again for at least three seasons making them a good return for the investment.

Bulbs are also a great way to bring a little green to your home during the winter months. Amaryllis, paperwhites and hyacinths are all easy to force bloom indoors brightening even the dreariest winter’s day.

Mastergardening.com now has a wide variety of Dutch tulips, irises, daffodils, anemones, alliums and more with options for gardeners from Zone 3 to 11. Fall planted bulbs are some of the first plants to bloom in early spring. For a colorful surprise plant crocus in the lawn to transform your yard into a eye-catching, vibrant display while the grass is still dormant and brown.

For the best spring blooms, plant bulbs in the fall when nights are cool. Bulbs need at least four to six weeks of above freezing temperatures to build a strong root system before winter sets in. Get started planting bulbs in the garden today to create a blanket of blooms this spring that with have neighbors green with envy!

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