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Mother’s Day for the Gardener


By Teresa Odle 

Mothers who love to garden also love gifts related to gardening. From books to tools to potted plants, you can’t go wrong by giving the gift of earth and growth. For examples, think of a book specific to the mother in your life. Has she been having problems with bugs or diseases on her flowers? Then a problem solver might be a good choice. If she plans to go big with vegetables this year, she’ll need to know how to preserve her harvest. 


A LiteStik provide your indoor plants with optimal light.


Garden tools and gadgets are fun and can complement a few fresh plants or a nice flower arrangement (note to family: I’d really love a power lopper). It only takes one stealth family member to go through mom’s current selection or spy her out there struggling with dull pruning shears to notice what she needs.  Maybe she just needs a belt for those shears because she keeps misplacing them (and no jokes about her advancing years or declining memory in the card — this is Mother’s Day!) Buckets and wheelbarrows also help her lug everything around. A folding wheelbarrow/garden cart can make her days outside more enjoyable. 

Give Mom a place to sit and rest while taking on garden tasks.

Give Mom a place to sit and rest while taking on garden tasks.


Are you afraid your gift might suggest Mom should get to work? Here are a few more relaxing ideas: How about a hammock, some outdoor (unbreakable) glassware for her drinks, a new straw hat or a new lounge chair? Bird feeders and seed or garden statuary that she can enjoy any time of year also make nice gifts for many moms. And don’t forget to add the hug.