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Growing Kit

The best gift for any gardener is one that allows them to do what they love.  Try designing a growing kit that contains everything they need to get growing, such as a container, planting media, seeds, a trowel , and gloves.  The planter or container can be something that he or she can use outside in the spring or a seed-starting tray or hanging basket that can be used indoors immediately.  All of the planting accessories that you choose can be neatly arranged inside of the container for a gift that is visually appealing as well as exciting to use.


The EarthBox Ready-to-Grow system is an incredibly popular growing system due to its ease of use and self-watering system.  The container is 29 inches long by 14 inches wide by 11 inches deep, a great size for planting flowers and edibles like herbs, tomatoes, beans, peas, peppers, and garlic.  A screen and fill tube at the bottom of the planter create the self-watering reservoir, and casters underneath the planter make repositioning the EarthBox incredibly easy.  The EarthBox Ready-to-Grow includes a bag of dolomite and fertilizer that will ensure that plants are well drained and well fed, and two fitted mulch covers that will block out weeds and other nasties from getting into the soil.  In fact, the only thing you’ll need to add to make this gift ready to use is two cubic feet of potting mix.  This is an amazing gift for both beginner and experienced gardeners.




Our brand new Way2Gro Vertical Garden is a neat gift for any gardener that likes to cook with his or her own herbs and greens.  It is a three-tiered hanging basket that, when hung from the ceiling or a hook close to a well-lit window, can be used to grow parsley, basil, cilantro, spinach, wheatgrass, and arugula year-round.  Your gardener can have his or her own herbs growing right in the kitchen, so if that sauce needs a little something extra, grabbing a pinch of this or that is as easy as reaching up and grabbing it.  The pots contain a watering reservoir that makes the need to water less frequent, and planting posts at the bottom to aerate the roots and soil.  It also comes in six different colors, so you can pick the one that best suits the décor of your gardener’s home.  Your gardener will love saving on costly dried spices from the grocery store, and enjoying the taste of plants grown at home.



Starting seeds indoors is a great way to get an early start on the outdoor growing season—from indoors, you can give your flowers and veggies all of the attention they need to get the biggest healthiest starts possible to transplant outside when the time is right.  The Hot-House Mini-Greenhouse Growing System will keep seeds warm even when the weather isn’t.  It includes a 11-inch by 22-inch planting tray, a 6-inch tall humidity dome, a 72-cell seedling insert, and a waterproof heating mat.  Once seeds have been planted, the dome can be placed over the tray to keep things moist, and the tray can be placed on top of the heating mat.  The heating mat will release gentle heat that will give the seeds the perfect conditions to sprout right up.



When it comes to producing beautiful healthy plants, the secret is in the seeds.  Our Seeds of Change seeds are of the highest quality—non-GMO and totally organic.  Seeds of Change has scoured the world for different varieties, and they’ve used open pollination techniques to bring out the best traits in each plant.  If your gardener decides not to use all of the seeds one year, the hermetically sealed and re-sealable packaging of each packet will keep seeds viable for two years as opposed to the standard one year of most paper packet seeds.  Seeds of Change uses recyclable packaging, and donates 1% of its net sales to support sustainable agriculture, so you while you’re giving a gift to your gardener, you’ll also be helping Seeds of Change contribute to the health of the planet.