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Gardener’s Agenda: February


Feeling the itch to sink your hands in the dirt? Well lucky for you spring is not far off and it’s time to get back in the garden. Here is a helpful list of gardening tasks to do this month.

•  Keep bird feeders full until spring. You are their source of food while the ground is still frozen.

  Take inventory of your gardening tools to see which ones need to be replaced.

•  If you haven’t bought seeds for spring planting yet do so now. The early bird gets the worm! In this case the best seed selection.

•  Plant a fragrant vine on a trellis to provide privacy or block unsightly objects such as trash cans and gas tanks. Lilac and wisteria are two great options.

•  Start spring plants indoors. Get organic seeds, soil, grow lights and everything else you need atMasterGardening.com

•  Prune shrubs and trees to prepare them for spring growth

•  Aphids, Snails and slugs are starting to appear. Combat them with our line of organic pest controlsolutions.

  Remove top ¼ of soil from house plant and replace with fresh potting soil such as Professional Blend Potting Soil.

•  Start onion seeds now for April planting. Follow along at MasterGardeningBlog.com to see how our onion, pepper, and tomato seeds are progressing.

  Aerate and fertilize your lawn.

  Don’t toss forsythia and dogwood limbs after pruning. Force bloom them indoors for a hint of spring.

  Get your soil tested before spring planting, and add suitable fertilizer. We recommend Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizers.

•  Plant lettuce, swiss chard, and other greens now indoors. Keep plants in a sunny southwest facing window or under grow light. With proper light and nutrients, greens can be kept indoors for the growing season.

•  Have leftover seeds from previous years? Test their germination by placing them between 2 damp paper towels and place in a dark place. Keep the towels consistently dame and check germination rates to determine how many seeds to plant.

  Plant to get the children in your life into the garden. Start with an avocado plant from the pit or plant catnip for Fluffy.

•  Plant ornamental or fruit trees, such as magnolias, dogwoods, flowering cherries, and crabapples.

•  Spread Poppy seeds on fresh snow for spring blooms. Seeds stick to the snow keeping them from blowing away and will germinate once the snow melts.