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Featured Product: Smart Pots


Mastergardening.com is now carrying a full line of Smart Pot aeration containers. These unique soft-sided, fabric containers hold their shape, release heat, aerate the root zone, and stops root circling.  The porous fabric allows for water to flow freely, evaporation of excess water and aeration.

According to a study by the Univ. of New Hampshire Smart Pots porous fabric allows for air circulation keeping soil temperatures during summer’s hottest days 30 degrees cooler than traditional plastic planters. Cooler temperatures aid in growing root plants such as potatoes, and harvesting is less difficult than in ground plantings.

Smart Pots have the unique ability to air-prune and enhance a plant’s root structure. Air pruning is the natural process of the root tip stopping growth and the remaining root begins to branch. Smart Pots ability to air prune keeps roots from circling and allows the plant to develop lateral roots which in turns gives you a better plant.

Smart Pots were created for the tree industry as a better way to grow and transport trees without damaging the root ball. This makes Smart Pots a great option for portable plants. Some plant do great in the summer but because of low winter temperatures must be moved indoors or into greenhouses to keep from freezing. Simple grow your plant in the Smart Pot outdoors during warmer months and then move to a decorative container indoors during winter. This is perfect for a living Christmas Tree.

These pots are perfect for growing a container herb garden, flowers, vegetables. Great for hydroponics, aquatic plants, container gardening, and organic growing.

Why we love Smart Pots:

~They are light weight, fold flat for easy storage, and are machine washable!

~Smart Pots won’t crack from extreme temperatures, or break from dropping.

~The superior drainage of the Smart Pot means you can use just about any soil in the pot including the
less expensive heavier soils.

~You can convert any Smart Pot to a pocket container by cutting an “X” into the side of the bag
and inserting a plant.

For more information on Smart Pots visit MasterGardening.com or SmartPots.com