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Featured Product: Moss Rocks!


Moss Rocks! have arrived! I am pretty excited about our newest product here at MasterGardening.com- Moss and Stone Gardens- Moss Rocks! These handmade ceramic containers are pre-planted with beautiful and lush dicranum moss that will bring a little spring to your home year round, even during the long winter months.

via Moss and Stone Gardens

The best part of the Moss Rocks!, besides being stunning, is that they are super low maintenance meaning even the blackest thumb in your family will have a hard time killing this plant. Simply place them in a location where they will receive bright indirect light and water once a week. That’s it! No fertilizers, no re-potting, or anything else. Moss Rocks! can also be placed outdoors and are frost resistant.

These beautiful moss container gardens come in 3 sizes and 4 stylish colors to accent anyones décor. I think they would be fantastic in the powder room, set on the office desk, side table, night stand, on the patio table. Another great use would be to group them for an earthy center piece at your next dinner party!

With the holidays right around the corner Moss Rocks! make a great gift for everyone from the expert gardener to the gardening novice in your life.

To find out more or to order your own Most Rocks! visit our site – MasterGardening.com