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  • Easy Garden Fence Deer Fence Kit

Easy Garden Deer Fence Kit

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Product Description

Protect your prized gardens from hungry Deer with our 50’ Do It Yourself Backyard Deer Fence Kit. Containing everything you need to enclose your space with a high quality, easy to install fence in as little as 2 hours!

Removable. Expandable. Easy to Install.

Looking to protect only a summer vegetable garden?  This Deer Fence Kit makes it simple to quickly remove and store your fencing during the winter months when you don’t need it.

Made of a durable 7 foot tall polypropylene invisible fence mesh, the Deer Fence will not obstruct your view like traditional wood fencing while keeping deer at bay. In addition, our deer fence kit is easily expandable to enclose the largest of backyards. 

Each DIY Deer Fence System includes: 50’ Roll of 7’ Deer Fencing, 4 Heavy Duty Line Posts With Ground Sleeves, 2’ Metal Chew Proof Rodent Guard, 15 Ground Stakes, Self Locking Ties, Drive Cap, Pilot Auger, All Hardware & Fasteners.

Quick & Simple Set-Up Installs in as little as 2 hours!!

Step One:
Measure and mark your four corners of the area you wish to enclose. At the four corners drill a pilot hole with the included pilot auger. Next, using a hammer and drive cap pound the ground sleeves into the prepared holes.

Step Two:
Assemble your 4 posts by sliding the pieces together and securing with the self-tapping screws. Slide the finished posts into ground sleeves.

Step Three:
Gradually roll out the fence mesh and attach to the posts with self locking ties as you go. Keep fencing as taught as possible for best results.

Step Four:
Roll out and attach rodent barrier to fencing with self locking ties, making sure half of the barrier is overlapping onto the ground.

Step Five:
Using a hammer, secure the rodent barrier to the by driving a ground stake approximately every 3 feet.

Step Six:
Enjoy your new secure garden space free of deer!

Product Reviews

  1. War Against Deer

    Posted by Terri Schwartz, Narberth PA 19072 on 29th May 2012

    After much research and the size of my small garden i purchased this kit.

    The order and delivery were fine.

    Auger: I didn't use it. I have an electric drill but couldn't use in the end, and actually think you don't need it.
    I used a sledge hammer to install the sleeves that go into the ground with the drive cap.

    I drilled the self tapping screws into the posts to secure them. It would have been so much easier if holes were pre-drilled. Not sure why they are not? This is why i gave this product a 4 star , not a 5 star.

    So after the posts were in place, the fencing and rodent fence were easy to secure.

    Two hours is about right to get the project done if you are working along as I was.

    The fence is practically invisible, except for posts so i tied foil paper and sour up a white tee shirt and secured strips so that birds and people would not walk into it.

    It is an excellent design and all the supplies are good quality.

    I looking forward to defeating the deer this year and having a great harvest.

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