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  • Earthworm Castings, 4 lb.

Earthworm Castings, 4 lb.

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Whether you’re trying to treat soil compaction, improve soil structure, water retention, or beneficial microbe populations, or increase yields, root growth, or blooms, vermicompost is certain to help.  This 4-pound bag of 100% earthworm castings is completely natural fertilizer that can aid your plants by providing loads of beneficial microbes and nutrients, breaking down organic matter, and amending the soil so that water and nutrients are easily accessed by roots.  Studies on earthworm castings have also shown that these castings have the potential to repel pests, eliminate odors, and control harmful fungus. Earthworm castings may be used to fertilize ornamentals and edibles in beds and in planters, and are extremely effective as a foliar spray or liquid fertilizer when soaked in water overnight. The castings are suitable for organic gardening, and will not burn the roots or foliage of your plants.  To apply, spread a 1/4-inch to 1-inch layer of castings over the desired area and incorporate into the soil.  For potting mix, blend 1 part castings to 4 parts soil when planting, and once established, add 1-inch layer of castings to the surface of the soil and water thoroughly every 2-3 months. For compost tea, soak 2 cups of 100% earthworm castings in 5 gallons of water overnight, and water plants with liquid. NPK 1-0-0

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