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Don’t Let Heavy Rains Get Your Garden Down


All the rain of the past few weeks has me thinking of all the great products that help me keep the garden growing in the worst weather and those that I wish I had! While our area was luckily to have avoided the worst of Irene and Lee our garden is still a waterlogged squishy mess. Here are the top products that every gardener should have (maybe a couple that are just awesome) when the rain starts pouring down.

Wellington Boots

I can’t imagine traipsing through my lawn and garden on a dry day let alone a wet one without my trusty boots. Wellington boots are named for the Duke of Wellington who commissioned his shoemaker to alter his Hessian boot to a calfskin version of the rubber boot we know today. Wellingtons, also known as muck boots, can often be boring and lack style but with the Laura Ashley Wellington Boots you get a great waterproof durable boot with a bit of style that will have you wearing these boots in the garden and running your errands.


Weather Stick

The Maine Weather Stick is a natural barometer that points up during good weather and down when a storm is pending. I love this deceive made out of baslsim fir wood, for it’s reliability, ease of use and it makes a great conversation piece! Check out our video below on how this neat device works!

Rain Barrel

Your house’s roof can shed up to 160 gallons an hour during a steady downpour. Capture some of the runoff using a rain barrel. Rain barrels generally hold between 40 and 80 gallons of water, and come with overflow tap and hose line. I know what you are thinking- you don’t want a big bulky and ugly barrel sitting in your beautiful garden. Well with our Madison Rain Saver you get a beautiful barrel that even features a planter giving you extra room to plant your favorite flowers, vines or herbs!


Kneeling Cushion

Right after it rains is the perfect time to weed the garden. Make the job cleaner and more comfortable with the Yard Butler Folding Garden Kneeler. I love this particular kneeler because it is durable, folds for easy storage and converts to a seat!



Rain Gauge

When gardening it is important to monitor the amount of water reaching you’re thirsty plants. Too little or too much water can mean a poor harvest or even total garden decimation. Keep track of your rainfall with the EZ Read Jumbo Rain Gauge. This gauge features large markings and can be illuminated at night or during heavy cloud cover letting you check rainfall amounts anytime you wish from the comfort of the indoors.




Makes rainy days a little nicer:

A professional weather station keeps you in the know so you are never surprised by a storm. Our wireless weather station measures temperature, rainfall, barometric pressure and wind speed.


For those trapped indoors by heavy rains keep busy by canning your harvest bounty with the Ball Fresh Preserve Kit. This kit contains everything but the jar and harvest to make it easier than ever for you to get started in canning.