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Deer Fence Corner System Instructions


Deer Fence Corner System Instructions


 Parts List
A) 2 ½” Corner Post-2
B) 1 5/8” Brace Posts-2
C) 2ft. Corner Post Extension-1 **
D) 1 5/8” Brace Cup -2
E) 2 ½” Brace Band -2
F) 2 ½” Post Cap -1
G) 5/16” x 2” Carriage Bolt, Nut & Washer -2

Parts Not Shown:
H) Self-tapping Screws -2 **

** Only Included In 7.5/8ft System



Step 1:

Using a post hole digger create a hole about 36” deep. You may adjust the depth of the hole as necessary to allow for the corner post to set out of hole to match fence height.  Place the corner post (part A) in the hole, making sure it is straight. We recommend filling the whole with quick drying concrete, if the fence is a permanent fixture. You may also fill with dirt and tamp it down.

If using 7.5 or 8 foot fencing there is a 2 foot extension piece you must install on top of your corner post to make up for the height loss in installation. Secure the extension with the 2 self-tapping screws (Part H) included in your kit.



Step 2:

A brace post (part B) is used to further secure your corner system. First you need to place the brace band (part E) and cup (part D) over the 2’ corner post extension (part C).  Measure and mark 12” from the top of the end post. Slip the brace band over the post and onto the 12” mark. Placing the cup into the band position the cup so that the brace post will be just inside the fence line. Using the nuts, bolts and washers provided to hold the brace band and cup in position. (Do not fully tighten) After you have installed the first brace cup install the second directly on top at a 90 degree angle to the first brace cup.


Step 3:

After your brace cups are installed you will want to determine where to dig your holes to secure your brace posts. Place your brace post (part B) in the cup at a 45 degree angle to the corner post and just inside the fence line. At the point where the post meets the ground you will want to dig a hole approx. 1 foot deep. You can either cement the post in place or you can use a dead man.


Step 4:

A dead man is a brace put into the ground to hold the brace post in position. You can use a cinderblock or a large sturdy piece of wood. Once you have put the dead man into proper position fill the hole back up with dirt and tamp it down. Repeat the process on the other side of the post. To finish end system tighten the bolts and place the post cap on top of the end post.