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Damminix Tick Tubes

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Product Description

Tick Tubes are small cardboard tubes armed with the insecticide Permethrin which kills ticks on contact. Deer ticks often contract Lyme disease from mice and then pass it on to humans and pets. A deer tick can be as small as a pin head and have a painless bite which is why Many cases of Lyme disease goes undetected for years. Tick Tubes can help guard your property from ticks, protecting your family and pets from Lyme disease.

How it works?

The cotton filling of the tick tube is gathered by mice for bedding, in the process Permethrin is transferred to the mouse’s fur. When a tick goes to feed on the mouse it dies on contact from the Permethrin.

How to use?

Place your Tick Tubes near mice habitats, such as foundations, dense plantings, woodlots, stone walls, and woodpiles. Tick Tubes should be in place during the prime tick season of April through September.

“In field tests with a 10-yard grid spacing of Damminix Tick Tubes®, 100% of sampled mice had permethrin on their fur.”


  • Active Ingredient Permethrin
  • Does Not Expire
  • EPA Approved
  • Made in the USA
  • Tubes measure 6” L  x 1.5” W

24 – Treats approximately ½ an acre or 22,000 sq. ft.
6- Treats approximately 5,500 sq. ft.

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