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Cranberry Pie: Your Pumpkin Pie Alternative


Thanksgiving and Christmas just wouldn’t be the same for my family if we didn’t have Cranberry Pie. It’s tart and sweet, very easy to make and incredibly delicious. My mother has been making this pie for as far back as I have memories. It’s one of the desserts that I skipped over as a kid and then discovered just how awesome it was as an adult.

Now the first thing everyone will say when you present your cranberry PIE is, “where’s the crust?” OK so this isn’t a pie in the traditional sense, more of a cobbler but for some reason some person in history deemed this tasty treat Cranberry Pie, or sometimes called Nantucket Cranberry Pie. In any case I hope you enjoy this slice of pie.

Cranberry Pie
1 bag cranberries (with bad ones picked out)
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup chopped nuts, walnuts or pecans
2/3 cup melted butter
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
2 egg

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Rinse, and pick out any bad cranberries. Pour cranberries into pie dish, sprinkle brown sugar and nuts on top.

In bowl mix together melted butter, sugar, flour and eggs. Pour on top of cranberry mixture. Spread mixture out until all berries are covered.

Should resemble a cobbler.

Bake for 45 min, or until golden brown.

You can serve this dish warm or at room temperature. The pie is rustic so don’t anticipate perfect slices.