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Composting Combo

Composting is fun and engaging hobby that will not only help cut down costs around the home and garden, but will also teach you a lot about how the earth reuses organic material.  It can also be a motivating first step toward creating a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.  Composting is the process by which bacteria and other organisms break down organic waste, such as dead leaves and twigs and our kitchen scraps.  With the right amount of oxygen, moisture, and heat, these organisms turn this material into compost, a soft dark soil-like material that is exploding with nutrients.  Compost is an amazing fertilizer that is all-natural, balanced, and safe for all of the plants in your garden.  In one swoop, you can both save money on buying fertilizers or compost from the store and get more bang for your grocery buck by making sure that every part of the fruits and vegetables you’ve bought ends up working for you.  More importantly, each piece of organic waste that ends up in a landfill can potentially hurt the planet by contributing to the methane being released into the atmosphere, so every effort made to save compostable materials from the dump is a step in the right direction. 

If your gardener isn’t already composting, definitely consider getting him or her started.  Your gardener will love producing homemade fertilizer, and all of those grass cuttings, leaves, and pruned bits and pieces after garden maintenance can all be broken down into something great. 


The CompostSak is an incredibly affordable and convenient composter that your gardener can fold up and store when not in use.  It is a sack made of 100% porous geo-textile fabric, so every inch of it will breathe and allow the composting microbes inside to access the oxygen they need for fast decomposition.  It is 30 inches wide by 38 inches high, and has a 100-gallon capacity—that’s approximately 12 cubic feet of compost. 




If your gardener would prefer a more solid compost bin (particularly if he or she lives in a rural area or where small animals might become pests), the 90-gallon Feelgood Composter might be a better fit.  Another affordable composting device, the Feelgood is incredibly popular for its easy assembly, great value, and effective composting.  It is a standing composting bin with a 90-gallon capacity, and it is made of 100% recycled plastic resin.  Vents on the sides will aerate the composting materials inside, and its lack of a base will allow excess moisture to drain easily from the bottom.  Sliding panels on all sides make removing the compost easy and convenient, and the dark color of the plastic will absorb heat from the sun and significantly speed decomposition.  It is 30 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 34.25 inches high, and has a 12 cubic foot capacity. 



Maybe your gardener already has a composter or compost bin, or you’d like to create a whole composting-themed gift.  There are great accessories available that will make composting faster and much easier. 


Your gardener will need something to store kitchen waste in between trips to the yard.  This is where a kitchen composter or compost crock will come in handy.  Our Odour-Free Compost Caddies and Kitchen Compost Bin are simple bins that contain a carbon filter in the lid; this filter will absorb any odor the scraps produce, so the contents won’t become offensive.  For a more stylish option, our stoneware and stainless compost pails match most any kitchen décor, and also come complete with odor-absorbing carbon filters.  Replacement filters for each of these bins are available.






A compost thermometer is a good thing to have around, especially if things are slow-going in your composter.  Our compost thermometer will help your gardener monitor the temperature of the materials to ensure the fastest decomposition possible.  It ranges from zero to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, and has a19-inch probe.



We offer several additive products that are meant to boost the activity of your microbes and add to the nutrition of your finished product.  Microbe-Lift Compost Accelerator is a 32-ounce concentrate that contains microorganisms, enzymes, and nutrients that can improve compost in six to nine weeks.  Compost Wizard Coco Fiber blocks are an earth-friendly alternative to the peat many add to compost to control odor and speed decomposition.  They are made of 100% organic coconut fiber, or coir, that can absorb the moisture that causes foul odor and improve the texture of compost.