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  • Compost Wizard Coco Fiber

Compost Wizard Coco Fiber

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Many people add peat moss to their compost to speed decomposition and control odors, but sadly, peat mining can be harmful to the environment, eliminating peat bog habitat for many species and damaging vital ecosystems that Earth uses to eliminate greenhouse gases.  Coconut fiber, or coir, is an effective and earth-friendly substitute to peat moss when it comes to your compost.  These Coco Fiber blocks are made of 100% organic coconut coir that will add to the texture and body of your compost and help to speed your composting.  Coco Fiber is an excellent way to remove the excess moisture that is a common cause of slow composting.  This fiber acts as an all-natural sponge, sucking moisture away and improving aeration.  It will also serve to lessen unpleasant odors, also frequently caused by excess moisture.  Most importantly, it is a readily renewable resource, unlike slow-forming peat.  To use, soak one block in one gallon of warm water for 20-30 minutes.  Allow the block to sun-dry until moisture has evaporated for best results.  You can then add Coco Fiber as your sole “brown” compost material at a 1:1 ratio or combine it with other carbon-rich materials to get your ratio just right.  Pack of four coconut fiber blocks.  

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