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Compost Bins: Worm Composting- The Worm Factory® (4 Tray System)

  • Compost Bins: Worm Composting- The Worm Factory® (4 Tray System)
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Product Description

Compost Bins: Worm Composting- The Worm Factory® (4 Tray System)

The Worm Factory Standard composting bin relies on a system of stacking trays separated with a grid bottom through which worms may pass to reach kitchen waste and process it into nutritious compost for your garden.  Simply add bedding, composting worms, and kitchen scraps to the bottom tray to begin the composting process.  Your garden will benefit from nutrient-rich worm castings and "worm tea," a liquid left behind during the composting process that can be harvested with the included spigot and collection tray and used as liquid fertilizer.  The first tray should be fully composted in about three months, and each subsequent tray may take as little as one month.  Oxygen is able to circulate throughout the composter, discouraging any foul odor. The Worm Factory Standard is lightweight, efficient, and low maintenance, requiring as little as fifteen minutes of attention every week.  It may be used indoors and outdoors to compost kitchen waste all year.  


  • Four stackable trays and base
  • 16-page instructional booklet
  • "Quick-Tips" lid
  • Coir brick
  • Bedding material

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Product Reviews

  1. 4-tray composter

    Posted by Greg on 23rd Apr 2012

    I haven't noticed much activity, or change in the contents in nearly 3 weeks since set up. Food scraps have turned brown, just like they would sitting in my outdoor compost pile. On the good side, it was easy to set up, and there has been no odor yet.