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Compost Bins



 Compost Bins Compost Bins 

Everyone knows the benefits of having compost bins, however many have discovered that the building one alone is complicated and time consuming. Having the right composed bin for a given area has taken some gardeners trial and error, but it's possible for those who want to make a change or who are new to gardening to benefit from that experience. Having the correct compost bins can make a difference in having an uncomplicated garden that easy to manage.

The Right Amount of Compost

The first part of the selection of correct compost bins starts with knowing how much you will need. For those who will be working on a large surface area naturally there will be a need for more compost for the garden. In this case, for in selecting compost bins it might be necessary for a multi-bin system. In a multiple bin system it is possible to have different stages of compost in each container so that over time it possible to see to the needs to a garden at any point when it is required. Sizes of bins will again depend on the amount suitable for the garden, lawn, or area where the compost will be used.

The Material Used

Another criteria in selecting compost bins for gardening is in factoring what material will be used for composting. For example for those gardeners who will be composting large amounts of vegetables along with leaves or grass a tumbling compost might prove more beneficial than stationary compost bins, however for most gardeners as this will require extra daily work this isn't the ideal solution. Tumblers typically require turning or spinning on regular basis. Fortunately, gardeners have discovered other methods of composting that are less work intensive. Using a gardener's old friend can make quicker work of composting.

Worm Composting

Using worms in composting bins is a far more efficient way to convert many different types of material including kitchen scraps into compost. There are special compost bins especially for use with worms. Gardeners have often used simple, similar systems involving worms as this small creature breaks down organic materials and naturally returns nutrients to the soil. Simple to use worm compost bins are available through such stores as Master Gardening. These bins typically use trays that enable the gardener to use this system with minimal cleaning of the bin or interaction with the worms or compost.

Small Scale Composting

For those who need only a small amount of composting larger composting bins can actually prove more trouble than the effort is worth. For those with smaller gardener, lawns, or balcony gardens a small kitchen compost bin will usually render all the compost required. As these are smaller and lightweight these compost binscan be kept in kitchens, or in laundry rooms where they remain out of the way, but can be accessed easily to place scraps or similar material in the bin. Whatever size is required it is a good idea to check for other tools that will be necessary to maintain the bin such as a compost bin thermometer or compost accelerator in order to achieve the desired results as quickly as needed.