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Celebrate Father’s Day in the Garden


Every spring my dad would head out into the yard to prep his garden plot for new plantings. Our yard and garden was a point of pride and a great hobby for my father. My mother loved her flower beds but the vegetable garden and lawn were dad’s territory. He would spend endless hours tilling, mowing, raking, planting veggies, pulling weeds and more. All of my siblings have a love of gardening as a result. If we wanted to spend time with dad in the summer we had to head outside and work alongside him. Some of my earliest memories of my dad are of in the garden.

If you ask most gardeners where their love, education or grudging respect for gardening comes from most will say my parents or grandparents. This year for Father’s Day thank your dad or grand-dad for sharing his passion with you by giving him a gift to make his yard and garden work a little easier. There are so many great gardening related gifts sometimes it’s hard to choose the very best. To make your decisions a little easier, here are my favorite gift ideas for this Father’s Day.

Men love tools and gadgets, maybe it’s in the DNA I don’t know but I do know one guy begrudges who a new tool or gadget. If you are looking to give the Dad in your life a new tool for the garden this year look no further than the MasterGardening Signature Tool Line. These stainless steel alloy tools have hand-crafted solid red oak handles are skillfully designed to withstand the test of time. The entire line of tools come with a life-time warranty guaranteeing it will be the last shovel, fork or spade dad will need.


Dad’s sometimes can forget about comfort and safety in lieu of being tough and getting the job done. Help him out by giving him the proper apparel to get the job done. Bionic Gardening Glovesare designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon and made from durable goatskin leather. The bionic gloves reduce vibration caused by tillers, lawn mowers and other power tools while having reinforced fingers to prevent ripping. You will have no worries of dad getting blisters or cuts when he is protected by the Bionic Gardening Gloves.

No one likes wet muddy feet but mud comes with the territory when gardening. Keep dads feet dry and comfortable while in the garden with Le Chameau boots. Le Chaumeau Wellington boots are the finest wellington boots on the market. They are hand-crafted by master boot makers in using 100% all natural rubber and completely waterproof. Dad can wade through a creek while fishing since the tops of the boots create a waterproof seal around the calf. If the men in your life are anything like mine you can also rest at peace while the trek through the fields that they will be safe from snake ticks and other critter bites.


For all those children who think dad deserves a little break from the gardening chores how about giving dad a gift to help him kick a back and have a good time. The Buccaneer Tailgating Cooler & Grill Tote is the perfect choice for the sports and BBQ loving dad. This all-in-one cooler comes fully loaded with a charcoal grill, cooler to hold 24 cans, ice pack to keep food cold for hours and 3 piece stainless steel grill set. Perfect for trips to the beach, park, or hanging out before the big game.

Father’s day is sure to be a special occasion for your dad this year with any one of these gifts but remember time is the best gift of all. Spend some quality time with dad in the garden or helping him with the yard work and then kick back while drinking a refreshing glass of ice tea.

Happy Fathers Day to all the hardworking fathers out there. Don’t forget to take some time and enjoy what makes you a dad this Father’s Day- your kids!