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Gardening with Flat Tire Decor


We love our environment—that’s why we love our Flat Tire Décor products! Flat Tire Décor, based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is committed to offering you long-lasting and hard-working products that help to reduce the impact we make on our planet. From bags to baskets to planters, our Flat Tire Décor is made from 100% post-consumer material. After tires have become worn and have been discarded, they are given new usability in the shape of tools you can use every day in your home—just because the tires can’t be used on a car anymore doesn’t mean there isn’t life left in them yet! After a life on the road, no two tires are alike, making the patterns on every Flat Tire piece distinctive, and being made from tires, your Flat Tire item is built to last even in harsh conditions.

Here is a complete selection of Flat Tire Décor offered at MasterGardening.com:

Tote Bags

Combine function and fashion with our Flat Tire Décor messenger bag and tube tote. Whether you are hauling your garden tools and harvest or school books and work supplies, these bags are the perfect way to get what you need where you need it. Both bags are 14 inches long, 11 inches high, and 6 inches in diameter. The messenger bag features a fold-over flap with a clasp and one strap to go over the shoulder or head, and is a fantastic bag for school, home, or work applications. The tube tote features two straps and a center opening for easily gathering herbs, vegetables, and tools. Both bags are extremely versatile, totally unique, and will withstand frequent use and abuse.


The Flat Tire Décor Venice planter is ultra durable and ultra earth-friendly. At 7.5 inches high, 8.5 inches wide at the rim, and 6 inches wide at the base, this little pot makes an excellent container for herbs, annuals, and small vegetables. The bottom of the pot includes a large drainage hole to protect your plants from overwatering and provide aeration for the soil and roots. The 100% recycled tire will stand up to weather exposure and won’t break, shatter, or crack like traditional planters made from flimsy or fragile materials.


Flat Tire Décor baskets are definitely more than just baskets—they are organizers, buckets, totes, and containers for just about everything you can imagine. Aside from all of the applications in the home (storing toys, magazine rack, fruit basket, beverage holder—the possibilities are endless), Flat Tire baskets can be some of the most useful garden tools in your arsenal. We love to use them as totes for our hand tools, collecting the day’s harvest, and for moving compost, potting soil, or amendments to our garden. The handles on either side of the basket make it incredibly easy to transport flowers, herbs, or vegetables into the home for meals and display, and the recycled tire material is very easy to rinse and clean. We offer Flat Tire Décor baskets in two sizes: Catalina (4 in. H x 9.5 in. W at rim x 8 in. W at base) and the larger Newport (8 in. H x 12 in. W at rim x 8 in. W at base).

Kneeling Pad

Having good support underneath your knees is essential for long days weeding, pruning, and harvesting. You can use just about anything soft or plush as padding in the garden, but a lot of these materials become wet and muddy, and generally don’t last very long. Flat Tire kneeling pads give you all the comfort of traditional kneeling pads, but are more durable, longer lasting, and much easier to keep clean. These kneeling pads are made from the inner tubes of truck tires, so, as you can imagine, they are built for pretty harsh use. You can track these pads through mud every day, and all cleaning will take is a quick splash and rinse with the garden hose. The surface of the pads are no-slip, which is particularly important when using them in the home on tile floors, and the interior features a 1 inch layer of anti-fatigue foam for extra comfort. When you aren’t using your kneeling pad, a convenient handle on the side will allow you to hang your pad in your garden shed or from your potting bench until you’re ready to work again. The Flat Tire Décor kneeling pad measures 28 inches by 14 inches, and includes a 30 inch long strap.

Pot Lifts

When it comes to potted houseplants, there is always a concern about damaging floors, counters, or other surfaces in the home. Flat Tire pot lifts are small and do a simple job, but it can really protect your furniture. Pot lifts are small disks that act as coasters for your potted plants. Slide four pot lifts underneath the planters in your home to act as a buffer between a rough terracotta or plastic pot and your beautiful wood end table. Pot lifts are particularly useful with large palms or potted trees that might scratch tile or wood floors as you shift them around to maintain your plant. Pot lifts don’t stop being useful when you take them outdoors—using pot lifts with outdoor plants can greatly increase the drainage and aeration of your pots, preventing rot and disease that can occur with too much moisture. But, don’t let your imagination stop there. As with all Flat Tire décor, pot lifts aren’t limited to strictly gardening applications. Use pot lifts to add protective pads to sofas, shelving, pianos—anything heavy in the home can be lifted with pot lifts so as not to cause damage to carpets and flooring. Each Flat Tire Décor pot lift is 1 3/8 inch by 3/8 inch, and each pack includes 12 pot lifts.

Add some rugged and eco-friendly flair to your home or garden with Flat Tire Décor!