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It’s finally that wonderful time of the year, the sun is shining, the skies are blue, and the flower shows are beginning! With thousands of beautiful flowers in gorgeously bright colors, we can barely contain our excitement. Here are a few ways in which you can inject the life and beauty of a flower show into your own garden, making it the number one for best garden on the street!

Look at your garden as your outdoor living area, designed to accommodate you on those gorgeous, sunny afternoons. Your garden needs to suit you, work for you and be right for you. Having a welcoming, neat garden is the perfect way to ensure you get the most from it, especially over the upcoming months. Designing your garden may seem like a skill required, challenging project, but it’s honestly not. Be confident in your own style and ideas and incorporate them into your gardens design. Color is the number one element in creating a bright, lively garden that stands out and looks fabulous. Don’t be shy when adding color to your garden, color adds character, positivity and life enabling your garden to create a strong, positive atmosphere for you and your family or guests.


Think about the flowers that you like, how you want to display them and where they would be suited best. Lupins are the perfect choice when it comes to color and they really stand out. Sitting neatly, gathered together, Lupins come in all kinds of beautiful colors. Other beautiful flower choices are Hydrangea’s, with their beautiful blossom and color, Geraniums, beautifully bright and elegant, Lavender, to add a little extra scent to your garden, and roses, the most popular garden flower to date. All of these beautiful flowers will suit any garden perfectly, it doesn’t matter how large or small your garden may be, if you style your garden correctly it will work for you the way you want it to.

Flowers are not the only way to create a garden fit for a flower show award, other ways to capture that elegant image are adding items such as a Amelanchier Tree, which adds character and style to the design of your garden, with it’s beautiful blossom adding an elegant touch. Having tree’s in your garden are perfect for added privacy too, as you can use them to shield your garden from neighbors or passers-by. Your garden is your own sanctuary, designed to enrich your senses with smell, touch and also becoming aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

Another great garden feature are Pileostegia viburnoides. These beautiful plants grow best by crawling up your wall or fencing. By having this kind of plant, you’re able to create a sense of a magic garden, with mystery and character. The beautiful plant blooms in the late summer, exposing its beautiful white flowers among the greenery. This is a beautiful choice as the white flowers are gentle and neat, yet you’re still left with a strong, green crawler the rest of the year round.

Any garden is home to numerous wildlife, whether you design it to be or not. Making your garden wildlife friendly is also a good way of making your garden look complete and different. By adding simple features such as bird tables, bird houses, or even just placing a small bowl of food on the step for other animals that may pass by, you’re making your garden inviting, as well as creating little friends that may pay you visits on a regular occasion!

Remember that your garden is your place to relax, enjoy and escape. If you don’t feel like your garden is suited to you, change things around until it is. Think about the functionality of your garden, for example if you’re a popular summer garden party host who loves to have a good get-together, you may need some decking and seating facilities. Whereas, if you are a quieter, more reserved person, you may just want a simple bench, positioned at the height of your garden in-between the beautiful greenery, ready to position yourself and get lost in a good book. Either way, your garden will bloom with character and reflect your personal style.

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