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Fellow gardeners, I used to live in a studio apartment in Washington, DC; and although I loved my bachelorette pad, it wasn't entirely practical for managing a gardening. I didn't think that I would be able to grow organic vegetables or fruits from the comfort of my own house until I received helpful gardening tips from a friend. Living in an apartment doesn't mean you will give up gardening, it just means you will need to be a bit more creative. Here's how:


1) Deck Rail Planters

Deck railing planters were made for urban gardeners who want to grow fresh-cut flowers. Adjustable deck planters fit on most metal railings; and they often come in multiple colors. I love rail planters because walkers can view your lovely garden from the ground up.

2) Living Walls

Designer living wall kits create an elegant feature inside an apartment. The living wall has a built-in irrigation system that is free from drips so it won't damage walls or flooring. Living wall planters can be mounted anywhere in the home.

3) Vertical Gardens

What I love about vertical gardens is that gardeners can grow flowers, vegetables and fruit all at once. Hanging vertical gardens are great for balconies and small patio areas. They also create a dramatic focal point that turns a bland patio area into a living work of art.

Don't give up on gardening because you live in tight quarters. These urban gardening solutions will help you create a unique garden that will burst with living color.

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