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5 Reasons Why You Should Plant a Vegetable/Fruit Garden Each Year!

So, let me guess…. You’ve never planted a garden before and you want to try it out. I think it’s important to recognize all the benefits to growing a garden, of course it saves you money on groceries, and it helps your health… but did you ever truly think about all the benefits and why you definitely SHOULD plant a garden? Well if the answer is NO, then you should definitely continue reading because there is lots of added benefits to a garden. First, it’s definitely going to save you money on your grocery bill! Who doesn’t want to save some money, right? Well with all the absolutely yummy vegetables coming from your backyard, you can skip that section all together in the grocery store. You could use all that extra money you will be saving to go on a vacation! It adds up over time! Second, obviously we ALL want to be healthy and good-looking right? Well eating the vegetables that were grown in your own backyard isn’t just healthy for you, it is also going to make you look and feel much better about yourself. Gardening is not easy, it can be physically demanding work… so not only will you be getting your exercise but you will be getting some healthy foods from all of your hardwork! It’s a WIN-WIN! Third, I bet you never thought of this one! Gardening is great for the Earth! All of the nutrients and composting that is put into the soil with a garden makes the soil much richer and healthier! So not only are you benefiting yourselves, you are helping the Earth as well! So now you’re probably wondering, what else could possibly be great about a garden? Well if you have children, it’s important to get them involved. So number four, it teaches kids about nature and healthy living. Allowing your kids to help you with the garden, teaches them so much about nature and healthy living. Besides, usually they enjoy getting their hands dirty! Finally number 5! You will be the new neighborhood hero! Yes, that’s right! You will have so many yummy vegetables that you know you won’t be able to eat all yourself, so you will want to share the love with your neighbors! When they taste the glory of all your hard work, they will be looking forward to the upcoming years when you plant that garden! They might even trade something of their own! You never know… until you try! Good Luck!

How To: Make a Hypertufa Planter

When more and more gardeners are discovering their love of the plant world via saving some dollars on food, medical remedies, cosmetics, and the many other things that can be made in the garden, it stands to reason that when an expensive gardening trend comes around, there’s always a smarty-pants gardener who figures out how to make it for [...]

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Coffea (The Coffee Plant)

We have brought a lot of different plants into the home over the years.  A lot.…Like, the goal is to slowly recreate the tropical rain forest exhibit in the National Aquarium, but with a couch, a computer, and Persian cats instead of sloths (basically the same thing).  We are lucky enough to have local greenhouses that specialize in exotic [...]

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Donate Your Harvest

The transition of fall into winter marks a time of year when several communities begin preparations and celebrations for a number of different year’s end feasts and festivals.  Many of these special seasonal observances share very similar features, such as a period of reflection over the events of the ending year, and the optimistic acknowledgment of rebirth or regeneration [...]

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Moss and Lichens

Moss and lichens have a long list of garden sins attributed to them.  Moss has been sprayed and ripped up from the ground for appearing to thin and dispatch grass struggling in shady areas, and lichen is associated with rot and sick trees.  It is also popularly believed that the presence of mosses and lichens in the garden, on [...]

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Plants: Still Incredibly Weird

Bleeding Tooth Fungus This might make us queasier if it didn’t look so much like a prop from a sci-fi movie, but we assure you, it’s real, and it’s a plant.Actually, it’s a fungus called Hydnellum peckii, or lovingly, bleeding tooth fungus.We probably don’t need to tell you where that title came from.The young caps are pale pink [...]

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Overwintering Birds

If you’re not a fan of ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, sledding, or being late to work every day for three months because the cold makes you go about your morning routine with the agility of a three toed sloth (a three toed sloth that completely forgot to warm up the car and scrape the windshield first), winter is a [...]

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You'll Regret It: Ivy

Just about every single nursery and garden center has at least one variety of ivy available for purchase.  It is inexpensive, hardy, and very forgiving with neglectful owners.  When planted in hanging baskets or containers in windows or on tall plant stands, ivy will quickly send long and elegant vines cascading down to the floor [...]

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You'll Regret It: Bamboo

Running Bamboo: Destroying Relationships Between Neighbors Since…well, since the first person figured out that the height, thickness, and quick-spreading nature of bamboo made it a great privacy fence.  Unfortunately, without taking precautions and regular maintenance measures, along a fence line, property edge, or deck isn’t where it is likely to stay.  If planted along a [...]

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Why Garden Gnomes?

At some point, you have probably seen a little ceramic garden gnome in a neighbor’s front yard or flowerbed.  At the very least, the words “garden gnome” conjure up a very specific image in your mind: a little man, one to two feet high, with a red cone hat and a long white beard.  People [...]

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