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In lieu of Lyme Disease Awareness Month, Mastergardening.com wanted to share facts about ticks to make you further aware of this troubling disease. Although there isn’t a current vaccine, there are antibiotics that can be prescribed by a physician to lessen the pains of Lyme Disease.

Know the facts and manage your risk today. Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Dept of Labor and Industry*

1) Ticks are becoming resistant to pesticides

2) Blacklegged ticks live in woody areas. Exposure to these ticks can be greatest along trails and edges of woods.

3) Blacklegged ticks generally climb onto a person or animal near ground level.

4) Ticks are stimulated by heat, carbon dioxide, and movement.

5) Ticks are most active in the warm months of May through September; make this prime time to be at risk.

6) Male ticks do not take a blood meal from a host. Because of this, male ticks do not carry Lyme Disease.

7) 30%-40% of DEET products are most effective for ticks. Use on skin and clothing, targeting shoes, pants and legs.

8) Purchase a proper Tick Removal Tool. DO NOT use nail polish remover, gasoline or Vaseline on the tick-infested area to remove the tick.

9) Lyme Disease rashes are usually circular ‘Bulls-Eye’ marked. However, this is not always the case. Some appear to have linear markings such as stretch marks. As a safety precaution, visit a doctor after tick removal.

10) Symptoms of Lyme Disease are often mistaken for a flu because they contain: Fever, Chills, Headache, Muscle pains, Joint pain and Fatigue.

11) Ticks need to be attached more than 24 hours before infection is transmitted.

12) Less than 50% of patients with tick borne disease remember a tick bite.

13) Some state or local health departments offer tick tests. Contact your local jurisdiction for such a service.

14) Deer fencing reduces the risk of Lyme Disease by 83-97%. Contact Mastergardening.com to protect your property or business.

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