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Often when we think about garden protection, we think about how to get rid of deer and small rodents from gardens; but we neglect birds. For gardeners experiencing bird problems, we suggest installing these life-like predator replicas to scare away birds:

Bird X Prowler Owl

This owl replica looks completely lifelike, with a 4-ft wingspan and hunting flight pose. With intimidating eyes, and flexible wings that move in the wind, this is the best bird repellent on today's market to scare birds. 

3-D Gator Guard Floating Repellent

This bird repellent looks like a real gator thanks to its 3-dimensional look. The floating alligator bird repellent is realistic and appears life-sized at 25" long. This gator predator replica covers a 360 degree wide coverage (1 acre), is easy to use and deters ducks, geese, herons and other common birds.

3-D Coyote Predator Replica

Who isn't scared of coyotes? The realistic looking 3D coyote predator replica is made from a weather-proof resin that is both tough and flexible. Because of it's 3-dimensional view, the natural predator looks real from all angles, and moves gracefully in the wind. 

Why You Need A Backyard Pet Fence

Sure, anyone can own a pet; but it takes a special person to be a responsible pet owner. Like humans, pets need the essentials in life: food, shelter, love, and commitment. Bringing home a new puppy or kitten is similar to bringing home a newborn baby. New pet owners will need to teach their new [...]

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February Gardening Tips

In February, gardeners will need to continue their gardening tasks from January. Plant frost protection will be essential this month to guarantee flowers stay strong and healthy for Spring. Here are some things to keep in-mind this month:Frost Protect PlantsMost of the country has snow on the ground, or at least, is below freezing temperatures. [...]

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Install Deer Fencing in Home Gardens Now: Here's Why

Gardening is more than just a hobby. It's a way of living. Families all over America are investing in planting home gardens not just for the organic benefits, but also for the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables that they can enjoy for months at a time. But, gardening is hard work; and without the [...]

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Frost Protection For Plants: Here's How to Do It

Most gardeners know that severe winter temperatures can kill off flowers if steps are not taken to preserve them. Instead of letting plants die off, there are numerous ways to save them from the snow and undesirable climate. Here are five tips on how you can save plants this winter:1) MulchOne of the easiest and [...]

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January is Train Your Dog Month

Caring for a new dog is a lot like caring for a newborn baby. You have to keep a close eye on your puppy and make sure he/she is well-cared for, eating right and free from harm's way. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) designates January to be Train Your Dog Month, a time [...]

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What to Grow in January

The growing season isn't over just because there is snow on the ground; and many beginning gardeners may decide to neglect gardens because they think the cold weather is killing off plants. If you regularly follow the Mastergardening blog, you know that we recommend storing plants in cold frames for safe keeping until spring or [...]

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January Gardening Tips

It's a new year, new season and new month. Novice gardeners may think that just because the temperatures drop and there is snow on the ground means that the gardening season is over. But, this is simply not true. There is much to do around the garden and what you do will depend on the [...]

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Gardening Zones: How to Plant This Winter

Winter is officially here; and there is much to do around the lawn and garden. Novice gardeners may think that just because the temperatures have dropped that means that growing season is over. But, in fact, winter is the optimal time to plant cold-tolerant crops. Your garden tasks may vary depending on the zone you [...]

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Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

We are just days away from Christmas; and if you are like me, you are in full panic-mode getting your last-minute Christmas gifts. If you are in-need of a Christmas gift for a gardener, then Mastergardening.com is here to the rescue. Here are our top gifts for gardeners:1) Colapz 2in1 Watering Can/Bucket As we mentioned, just [...]

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