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World Soil Day, designated as December 5, 2016, celebrates the importance of soil for humanity and the environment. Soil is a vital contributor of food, water and energy. Without it, our traditional plant growing methods would suffer and growing vegetables would require innovative planting methods such as hydroponics.

This World Soil Day, take extra care of our earth by testing soil and measuring plant health. Mastergardening.com offers soil meters, plant thermometers and other gardening tools that can be helpful for the treatment of soil. Here are ways to measure soil health:

1) Digital Soil Test Kit

The Rapitest Digital Soil Test Kit quickly and easily tests soil samples measuring levels of pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash. Just simply mix a sample of soil with water, per the enclosed instructions. Transfer a portion of the resulting solution into one of the color-coded test tubes, add powder from the appropriate capsule and shake. Place the solution filled tube in the test chamber. Select the desired test. The LED indicators will display the test results.

2) Digital Soil Thermometer

This Digital Soil Thermometer will allow you to check the soil temperature at root level. Plants have different preferences for soil temperature so it is important for you to know the current temperature of the soil. This will allow your plants to grow at to their peak potential.

3) Soil Fertility Meter

Soil Fertility Meters are used to give an accurate reading of the nutrient content of the soil by computing the total nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash. If your garden is lacking in nutrients, your plants may not grow as planned and the garden could turn out very poorly. It is specifically designed for soil only.

4) pH Soil Testers

The Rapitest ph Soil Tester is a must-have for testing soil in fruits and vegetables, plants and flowers, and grass and lawn. The Rapitest soil testing tool contains 10 tests; and is very easy to use. Simply mix water with a soil sample for immediate PH soil results and explanations of the type of soil.

5) Bonide Soil Acidifier

Improve the color and general appearance of your hydrangeas with Bonide Soil Acidifier. This ready-to-use 2.5 lbs bag of soil acidifier lowers the soil pH while improving hardiness, color, and general appearance of your acid loving plants such as blueberries, blue hydrangeas, azaleas, trees, and turf.

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