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  • Haven Brand Natural Manure Tea
  • Haven Brand Natural Manure Tea
  • Haven Brand Natural Manure Tea

Authentic Haven Brand Manure Tea - 3 pack

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Product Description

Sun Tea for the Garden!

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Manure Tea is the all-natural premium soil conditioner for your yard and garden. Created from the manure of grass-fed livestock raised on pesticide free grasslands. Packaged in a compostable 100% cotton tea bag for mess free easy brewing.

Our set includes: 1 tea bag each of Cow, Horse and Alfalfa Tea.

Cow and Horse Manure tea are excellent for growing house plants, shrubs, lawn, flowers, vegetables and fruits! While the Alfalfa Tea is the perfect way to jump start your roses for spring! In addition, Haven Brand Natural Manure Tea can also be used as a compost accelerant! Kick start your compost pile with the beneficial nutrients and microorganisms in Manure Tea.

Manure Tea is very similar to compost tea, except instead of using compost the teas are created from all-natural manure that is sun-dried and hand processed and packaged making it a ‘green’ product.

Why Manure Tea?
Free of chemicals or synthetic additives.
Improves bloom production and growth on roses.
Won’t burn plants.
Helps build healthy root systems.
Eco-friendly liquid fertilizer.
No Overpowering Smell

How to Brew:
Simple fill a 5 gallon or larger bucket with water. Drop in the tea bag, cover bucket and place in sunny location. Steep for 1 to 3 days and use!

How to Use Manure Tea:
Pour prepared manure tea into water can and use to water potted plants and seedlings. (Can use at current strength or dilute 50/50 with water)

Another great way to get the beneficial nutrients in Manure Tea to your plants if to put them in a spray bottle or mister and use as a foliar fertilizer by spraying straight onto the leaves.

For larger areas such as lawns, shrubs or vegetable gardens pour prepared Manure Tea into a hose end sprayer or pump sprayer.

If using indoors freeze Manure Tea into ice cube trays as a mess free way of watering and fertilizing house plants. Simple drop a couple of cubes onto the soil and watch them slowly melt allowing even the driest soil time to soak up all the nutrients.

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