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A Stink Bug Solution Has Arrived!


Stink Bug

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic States then in the last year you have discovered a new pest wrecking havoc on your home and garden. The stink bug all but unknown to the United States until a few short years ago has spread its mass population from coast to coast with severe infestation levels throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Stink Bug Chart

via RESCUE!®

The brown marmorated stink bug has a great defense mechanism, when they are threatened or killed they release an odor. A REALLY bad odor! Unfortunately, stink bugs don’t just stink they attack gardens and fruit trees damaging foliage. They also suck the juice out of fruits such as peaches and pears leaving behind damaged fruit hard to sell at market.

Stink Bug Trap

When fall hits and most pests disappear for winter, stink bugs invade your home looking for a nice warm place to hide out. Then on nice warm days in late winter they come out in mass numbers from your attic, baseboards and window casings. While stink bugs don’t bite, sting or transmit diseases making them harmless to humans they do smell and are a nuisance.

Since stink bugs are new to this country they have no natural or chemical enemies. Scientists jumped on the issue last year trying to develop a solution to this stinky pest. Finally there is ananswer. RESCUE!® a pest control solutions manufacture has released the Stink Bug Trap. This highly effective trap can be used outdoors with a pheromone lure or indoors with a light attachment (sold separately) providing a year round solution.

The attracted stink bugs walk/fly into the trap where they are then trapped and dehydrated. No killing agents are used making this trap safe to use around kids and pets. Easy to setup, the Stink Bug Trap has a clear chamber letting you know at a glance when the trap needs to be emptied. If you have a stink bug infestation the RESCUE!® Stink Bug Trap is your solution to the problem. To purchase or learn more visit MasterGardening.com.

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Has your home or garden been invaded by stink bugs?