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The knowledgeable staff of MasterGardening.com would love to share its expertise with you, and help you get started on your next big garden project.



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Here at MasterGardening.com, we spend a lot of time reading and talking about plants--a lot of time. We are always finding all kinds of new gardening ideas, tips, and tricks that we would love to share with you.  Take a look here to see what we've been talking about in our offices. 



Pests and Disease

Gypsy moths, thistles, ash borers, stinkbugs, sudden oak death, and daylily rust--and these are just the pests and problems we've had to deal with in our state.  Check here for new information concerning rodents, insects, fungus, and invasive species that might be threatening your garden, and for some suggestions on how you can put a stop to the damage.  



Featured Products

We are proud our products, and we would love to tell you more about them.  If you have a question about something you've purchased or are interested in hearing more about a particular item, visit our featured products page and let us help you.



News and Events

Keep an eye here for announcements, new products, and special offers.



Help Me!

Need help with a pest?  Are you losing petals or fruits?  Can't identify a plant or resident that has shown up in your yard?  We would love to hear from you!  If you have a garden conundrum and you'd like some advice, please ask at gardenadvice@mastergardening.com.  



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